Dissolution of marriage is one of the hardest things a person may have to endure.  Reinbold & Gardner understands that this may be an emotional time and we not only understand the legal ramifications of divorce, but the emotional ones as well.  We try to help you see a path to a better future.

Dissolution of marriage can occur at anytime once the 90 day waiting period has elapsed.  The 90 day waiting period begins when the petition is filed and served on the other party.  Once the 90 days has elapsed, you will not be automatically divorced, however.  You can only obtain a divorce by: 1) agreement by the parties on all issues (including parenting plan if you have children); or 2) trial.  Trial dates are usually a year or more out and are costly and cumbersome.  We will help get the divorce done and over.

People often don’t consider the importance of setting the stage for your divorce.  Whether or not you decide to leave the family home, how you parent your children in the time between separation and divorce, and conversations you have with your future x-spouse play a vital role in your future as a divorcé.  Contact your attorney before you make the seemingly minor decisions that may permanently alter your future.

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